My husband’s line has a stumbling block – Can you help?

The full problem can be seen in my previous post here: Thomas BRADSHAW, or is it STEERS?

In brief:

Thomas Bradshaw STEERS was, by all accounts a Londoner. He was born in Bishopsgate, lived in Bethnal Green and died in Shoreditch. He worked as hearth mat maker. His children all lived and worked in London.

However, they were all born in Hull. Yorkshire. Which is not near Shoreditch, or Bethnal Green. His wife, Maria, was born in Durham, which is also not near Hull, or London.

Maria outlived him, but appears to have died as a result of complications of epilepsy in Hanwell Asylum. On the death certificate of Thomas Bradshaw STEERS the informant was Maria Steers.

William, who is my husband’s three times great grandfather.states his father was Thomas Bradshaw STEERS on his marriage certificate.

However I couldn’t / cannot find a baptism or marriage for him to Maria. I also couldn’t find him in 1841.

I had identified the children as Ellen (born c. 1834), William (born c. 1840), Eleanor (born c. 1841), Anna M[aria?] (born c. 1844) and Watson (born c. 1846). However I had been unable to find GRO birth index references or baptisms for them.

This problem was also discussed at a Brick Wall Workshop that was run by Amelia Bennett of the Society of Genealogists. The idea was that we bounced ideas off other genealogists from all walks of life in order to have a fresh view.

Can you offer any insight?

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