RootsTech Over for another year

As the jet lag passes and I start to feel human again I can begin to evaluate this year's RootsTech. This year was different for me because I travelled with friends, and was helping out Family Wise Limited, who were exhibiting for the first time. As a UK based research company, there were many, many … Continue reading RootsTech Over for another year


Validation of Self, from Self

We are halfway through day two of RootsTech, and you may wonder why I'm choosing to post now, rather than wait until the end of the day, after classes have been attended and the dust from running around the Expo Hall like a crazed super-hero wannabe has settled. The Key Note this morning was again … Continue reading Validation of Self, from Self

#52Ancestors; What do you know?

This week’s topic is longevity and follows on nicely from last week’s Favourite Picture post as it involves the same family. More specifically, my great-grandmother; Mary Ellen Parry. She was the oldest person I knew. When I was little, my nan and taid (that’s granddad for you non-Welsh folk) would take my brother and I … Continue reading #52Ancestors; What do you know?