Thomas Mildon Wyatt

The story of my Devon roots!


RootsTech Over for another year

As the jet lag passes and I start to feel human again I can begin to evaluate this year's RootsTech. This year was different for me because I travelled with friends, and was helping out Family Wise Limited, who were exhibiting for the first time. As a UK based research company, there were many, many … Continue reading RootsTech Over for another year

#52Ancestors; What do you know?

This week’s topic is longevity and follows on nicely from last week’s Favourite Picture post as it involves the same family. More specifically, my great-grandmother; Mary Ellen Parry. She was the oldest person I knew. When I was little, my nan and taid (that’s granddad for you non-Welsh folk) would take my brother and I … Continue reading #52Ancestors; What do you know?