RootsTech 2018 – It’s here

RootsTech is always something to look forward to, and quite frankly, I’ve been looking forward to it since RootsTech 2017 finished!

This year I’ve travelled with Kirsty Gray, Sylvia Valentine and Dominic Murray, which has been fabulous. We’ve been #FWLonTour if you want to have a look at our fun and games in the lead up to the conference, and follow what we get up to whilst here. This is the first year that Family Wise Limited has been at the event, and they are Bronze Sponsors.

The theme for the event this year is Connect. Belong. and focuses on the many different connections that we make, both in our family and in the genealogical community as we search for our elusive ancestors. This is something that has always been a major part of my love of genealogy; the social aspect.

I was lucky enough to attend the Media Dinner again this year and I was able to meet up with old friends as well as meet some new Facebook Friends / Twitter people ‘in the real’. It was lovely to meet Tierra Cotton-Kellow of Pressing My Way Genealogy Blog & Web Series and to finally meet David Allen Lambert too. It’s the connections along the way that make life more fun.

RootsTech officially opened this morning, and the lines to register were still long (but nowhere near as long as they were yesterday.

The Queue.jpg

The Key Note Speech today is being given by Steve Rockwood at 4.30pm, which is leaving things with a bit of an odd feeling as the opening Key Note is usually before the classes begin.  The reason being that the Innovator Showdown that was such fun last year, has been incorporated into the main ‘RootsTech’ brand and become an Innovation Showcase. Personally, I feel that there hasn’t been as much focus on the new technology, ideas, or products as there was last year, but we shall see.

Finally, if you’re #NotAtRootsTech there’s the Live Stream Schedule, details of which can be found on their blog, and it’s nice that they’ve recognised the #NotAtRootsTech this year.  If you’re in the UK then Sylvia Valentine has helpfully converted the schedule to GMT over on her blog.



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