Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE

Once again it’s time to get ready for Who Do You Think You Are? Live which now takes place in Birmingham’s NEC and has a tag line which claims it’s “The world’s largest Family History show”, well having attended RootsTech I’m afraid I have to dispute that claim. However, it is the UK’s largest family history show.

This year it is taking place between the 6th and 8th of April, and it will be the first time in about three years I’ve not attended all three days. The main reason for this is the Day Job boss won’t let me have any more time off so I can only go on the Saturday. This is upsetting because I’ll miss out on valuable catch up time & dinners / drinks with friends I only see once a year; however it’ll probably save me a lot of money on items bought as I’ll have less time to shop!!

Again, this is the first year I’ve not booked to attend any talks. The lecture schedule doesn’t address any topics (on the Saturday) that I feel I should brush up on, although I would recommend Sylvia Valentine’s talk on Delving into Workhouse Records at 1.15pm on Saturday.

Despite all this I’m still looking forward to heading up to Birmingham, seeing people I haven’t met up with for a while and meeting some new people I’ve not had a chance to before. Remember that the #AncestryHour tweeters will be floating around, wearing their badges, along with The Surname Society peeps so if you spot us / spot me please do come and say hello (even waving manically in my general direction will do), as half the fun of genealogy is the people you meet along the way.

For those who haven’t been before, please don’t be put off by my comments. Just because I don’t see any talks I want to attend, everybody is different. If you’re going for one day or three make sure you look at the Exhibitors, and Workshop Timetables to plan your time effectively. Take a small rucksack / bag for your goodies (because even if you go in saying “I’m not going to buy anything” I guarantee you will walk out with a bag full. Last year I held my “I’m not going to buy anything” resolve for FIVE minutes. I’m so lame!), comfortable shoes and some bottled water. Business cards are also useful for swapping contact info, but if you don’t have any then a pen & paper will do just fine 🙂







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