Whilst at RootsTech Steve Rockwood talked a lot about collaboration and how it is an essential element of genealogical research. This is something that I agree with; what is the point of doing all of this digging if I don’t share it with others, not only to ensure that my theories, reasoning and thought processes are correct, but also to ensure that family stories are not lost and that we are re-connected with cousins far and wide.

The story doesn’t have anything to do with my relatives (well I’m pretty sure they’re not related). Instead I’m going to share one of the spooky coincidences that occurred whilst I was having some lunch waiting for a lecture to begin at RootsTech.

A couple of ladies wandered in looking for a seat and I invited them to sit next to me. We began chatting, between mouthfuls of food, about our family research, where we were from etc and the lady mentioned TWINING. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am useless without a cuppa and that Twining is our tea of choice at home. But what you may not know is that there is a graveyard in Twickenham (which unfortunately is now a children’s play ground) called Holly Road Garden of Rest in which Thomas TWINING of the tea family is interred, along with other members of his family.


I couldn’t locate Thomas’s grave, however I did locate the tomb of Mary and Richard TWINING. It is a alter tomb style grave marker and the only way to get a decent picture of the inscription would have been to stand atop one of the neighbouring grave markers, I did not do this! Instead I took an overview picture of the grave:


and transcribed the inscription:


Wife of


Died Feb.ry the 21st 1803

In the 53d. Year of her age

Also the above named


Died April the 23rd 1824

In the 75th Year of his age


Daughter of


Died May the 11th 1795

Aged 8 Years.

AMELIA third daughter of


born April 11th 1812 died Jany 7th 1819


Third Son of


born June 10th 1818 died Feby 18th 1819

Second Son of


born Sept 27th 1811 died Novbr 8th 1835

I have taken some photographs of the inscription to send off, and it’s my hope that the information provided will be of use to the lady in question, as it’s always good to kill ’em off.

In paying it forward, I’m hopeful that the community will engage in other collaborative ways and sometime in the future I my receive some information I didn’t previously have.


3 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. Hello Carole, thanks for posting this.

    Twinings are actually mentioned in at least two Parry related books 🙂 The book “Thomas Parry Free Merchant Madras 1768-1824”, about TP from Leighton Hall, near Welshpool, quotes the experiences of a Thomas Twining (described as a civil servant) on a journey to Madras in 1792.

    Another book, “Parrys of the Golden Vale” (about Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry’s family, which starts with a Thomas Parry of unproven origin, but claimed to be from Herefordshire) quotes the same information about the journey, but also adds the “Family Tradition” that this Thomas Parry was taken to London (in the mid 1700s) by the Twinings, and, in 1865, a Richard Twining reportedly remembered “the name of Parry as that of one of the oldest and most valued friends of my family…….heard my father often speak of it as a friendship of the closest and most unbroken character”.

    Investigating potential links between the Twinings and the various Parry families has been on my “to do” list for a few years!


    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your comments. What struck me is your mention of Thomas Parry being taken to London as we have a family tale about a Thomas Parry disappearing off to London, but it was a bit later than the mid 1700’s and I suspect he was just running from his missus.

      I look forward to reading your updates about the link!!


      1. Thanks, Carole. These Thomas Parrys can be quite a ” nuisance” (my ‘brickwall’ is another Thomas Parry!)

        I’ll keep a look out for any suddenly appearing, who look like they might fit into your family.

        And yes, some day I shall post a Twining/Parry update (no promises when, though 😉 )


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